Limited Salisbury City Park Facilities to Open with Basketball Courts and Playgrounds Remaining Closed

In accordance with the announcements and guidelines set forth today by Governor Larry Hogan, the City of Salisbury’s tennis courts, skate park and dog park, all located within the Salisbury City Park, will be open for limited use beginning today, May 7th as of 7 a.m. No more than ten people are permitted to utilize each of these City facilities at a time. Basketball courts and playgrounds are to remain closed, as they are not included in the Governor’s list of safe outdoor activities.

Social distancing guidelines set forth by local and state health departments still apply and remain critical to the opening and safe usage of Salisbury City Park facilities. Citizens are still asked to maintain a distance of 6 feet between themselves and others.

State parks and state beaches have also been opened for walking and exercise. While we are all eager to get a bit of fresh air and enjoy the beach, it is absolutely imperative that citizens continue to follow precautions set forth by public health officials. Let’s all continue doing our part to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe and healthy.

To learn more about social distancing and the Maryland Department of Health’s guidelines, visit

To learn more about the CDC’s guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities, visit