Ben's Red Swings

City Playgrounds to Reopen This Friday at 5 pm

In accordance with the guidelines and continuation of phase two of the reopening of Maryland, City Administrator Julia Glanz has announced the reopening of City playgrounds to take effect at 5 p.m. this Friday, June 19th. The City Field Operations Department has been working hard to prepare playgrounds and the surrounding areas for public usage again.

Social distancing guidelines set forth by local and state health officials still apply and remain critical to the safe reopening and usage of Salisbury City playgrounds and facilities. Citizens utilizing playground and park facilities are asked to maintain social distancing when possible, keep hands away from the face, and to sanitize frequently, especially when leaving and before entering your personal vehicle. The restrooms near Ben’s Red Swings will remain closed to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Please do not visit City parks or utilize facilities or equipment if you are sick with, tested positive for COVID-19, or know you were recently exposed to COVID-19. To view more guidelines and tips for visiting parks and recreational areas from the CDC, visit

The City of Salisbury thanks citizens for their patience and understanding as the City reopens facilities to the public. Please also note that the Salisbury Zoo will remain closed until further notice, to ensure the safety and health of both the animals and Zoo staff.