Skatepark Rendering

City announces final phase of Salisbury Skatepark

Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City of Salisbury has been awarded $162,801 in Community Parks and Playgrounds grant funding from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. This funding will go toward phase 2-B of the Salisbury Skatepark, the final phase of development for the well-loved and well-used skatepark. 

The final phase of construction for the skatepark includes an additional 3,000 sq. feet of skate-able, poured in place concrete surfacing at the park. Phase 2-B also includes the construction of a concrete pad for the restroom facilities, concrete stairs leading to said facilities, additional benches, trash receptacles, and a recycling receptacle.  

Deborah Stam, City of Salisbury Grants Manager, stated, “The Salisbury Skatepark Committee members and I have been working on this project for fourteen long years. We are very excited to begin the construction of the final phase. The Salisbury Skatepark enhances the quality of life for our local residents by providing a positive outlet for the energy and exuberance of the community’s youth.”

A planning session will be held in early 2022 to obtain input from the local skaters on any minor changes they might wish to see in the proposed layout, which do not impact the flow of stormwater.

“I want to extend a huge thank you to the Salisbury Skatepark Committee and Committee President Bobby Schaller, who have been committed to bringing this project to fruition for over a decade,” shared Mayor Jake Day. “We are looking forward to seeing the ways that Phase 2-B of the skatepark’s development builds upon the already stellar experiences of citizens’ and visitors’ alike within the Salisbury Skatepark complex,” he added.

Salisbury Skatepark is open to the public daily from 8:00 AM to dusk, weather permitting. All individuals who wish to utilize the Salisbury Skatepark must be appropriately registered with the City of Salisbury – Department of Field Operations.  To learn more and register to use the skatepark visit