Committee Meetings

Committee meeting agendas will be posted here typically a week before meetings. Minutes will be posted here after they are approved by the Committee. The public is welcome to attend any meeting.  Agendas are subject to change.


Meeting DateAgenda LinkMinutes Link
March 9Agenda
February 16Agenda
January 23AgendaMinutes


Meeting DateAgenda LinkMinutes Link
December 8AgendaMinutes
November 10AgendaMinutes
October 13AgendaMinutes
September 8AgendaMinutes
August 11AgendaMinutes
July 14AgendaMinutes
June 9AgendaMinutes
May 19Meeting Canceled
April 14AgendaMinutes
March 10AgendaMinutes
February 10AgendaMinutes
January 13Meeting Canceled
January 2AgendaMinutes


Meeting DateAgenda LinkMinutes Link
December 9AgendaMinutes
November 10AgendaMinutes
October 14AgendaMinutes
September 9Meeting Canceled
August 12AgendaMinutes
July 22AgendaMinutes
June 17Meeting Canceled
May 13AgendaMinutes
April 15AgendaNo Quorum
March 11AgendaMinutes
February 16AgendaMinutes
January 19Meeting Canceled